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Regarding the Profile...

EDIT AS OF 4/6/12: Site profile updated to be Fluffy Tales.

So after a bit of writing and sketching, I've determined that Flowers in the Spring will last about 20 comics total. For those of you who can't math, that's about 9 comics away (as of this post). I feel like 20 pages would kind of be wasting a profile, though, so here's what I'm thinking-

I'll make this site into the site for Fluffy Tales. Then, once Flowers in the Spring is over, I'll put a comic image up (a few days later, granted) with a few "short-story" concepts- that, or you can suggest some if you want to see something that's not on there. The point is, this comic profile would be changed to the profile for Flowers in the Spring, but it wouldn't really hinder the comic's progress at all - just mean that it wouldn't be finished being used once Flowers in the Spring is over.

...I really just want an opinion on whether or not I should do that. Um, yeah. Thoughts?

posted by Shard @ April 5th, 2012, 11:04 pm  -  7 comments

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