>> Comics - Walls 4 - August 8th, 2012, 5:50 pm

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Author Comments

Shard, August 8th, 2012, 5:50 pm

Waking up in a mysterious location with no knowledge of it whatsoever?

Sounds like fun! : D
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User Comments

Kenny the fox, August 8th, 2012, 5:57 pm

That place looks familiar...

Kirbysmith [DJ], August 8th, 2012, 6:11 pm

Four years old?
I think I know where this is headed...


Sorry, were you expecting a pun? TOO BAD!
AuraX (Guest), August 8th, 2012, 6:27 pm

@Kirbysmith [DJ]
This looks bad FOUR her.
Kirbysmith [DJ], August 8th, 2012, 6:30 pm

@AuraX: ...I'm drawing a BLANK.
Muddykip64, August 8th, 2012, 6:59 pm

Blankness is a-go.
Kirbysmith [DJ], August 9th, 2012, 11:29 am

@Gatamigo: They won't eat her. T_T
AuraX (Guest), August 9th, 2012, 12:40 pm

@Kirbysmith [DJ]
Are you sure?

I would bet FOUR pounds on it!
Kirbysmith [DJ], August 9th, 2012, 10:27 pm

@AuraX: Enough with the “four” jokes.
Seriously, it wasn't even clever that time.
AuraX (Guest), August 10th, 2012, 5:56 am

Maybe they're bad FOUR you, but I personally love them.
Kirbysmith [DJ], August 11th, 2012, 9:59 am

...I think I now know how Niv must have felt about my puns.

Does any one know when the fifth page goes up? There aren't many puns with “five”!
AuraX (Guest), August 11th, 2012, 2:20 pm

Don't you mean there aren't many puns FOUR five?!??!
Kirbysmith [DJ], August 11th, 2012, 8:25 pm

@AuraX: ...


*leaves room*
AuraX (Guest), August 12th, 2012, 6:50 am

Don't you know?

There are no doors.

Kirbysmith [DJ], August 13th, 2012, 5:12 pm

*saws hole into floor*

If anyone needs me, I'll be in Albuquerque.

*jumps in*
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